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    Vos bureaux et locaux à louer ou à vendre

    Landlord Representation

    With qualifications and experience in a variety of markets we understand the complex challenges of leasing in the current economic climate. We are eager to maximize the value of your property by attracting good tenants and negotiating leases to minimise void periods. 

    We have built up extensive relationships with real estate managers and tenant representatives of Swiss and international occupiers. We actively call on new tenants for our projects, introduce tenants that are in our extensive database to our new listings, follow up with warm leads, and diligently work with the landlords and tenants to address their respective concerns and close the transaction.

    We work hard to market Office space effectively and use a combination of signs and banners, window posters, quality marketing brochures, internet marketing. We get out and about and of course make good old fasioned telephone calls to get the word out about the property’s attributes.