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    Vos bureaux et locaux à louer ou à vendre

    Tenant Representation

    We specialise in working on behalf of tenants seeking to acquire or dispose of office space in the Canton of Vaud. Being resident in the region give us a close market perspective.

    We are dedicated to knowing our regional market to insure we provide our clients with the best lease rates and terms. 

    How We can help you ?

    Site Location & Research: Frequently the best way to locate sites is to visit the area in search of quality sites that fit the occupiers needs. Oftentimes sites may not be readily available and will require significant research and diligence to make owner contacts in an effort to try and secure the sites. Our team has the resources, knowledge, persistence, and diplomacy that is required to secure sites that are not readily available in the market.

    Tenant Expansion Publicity: Through our in house database and with access to leasing professionals and property owner’s information, we have the capability to make our client’s space requirements widely known. Agents and owners respond with spaces that are frequently not known to be available, but are soon to be available or could be made available under the right circumstances. 

    Deal Negotiation: Our team has considerable experience negotiating lease and sale transactions. This experience helps our client in achieving favourable terms for their desired locations. More importantly, our ability to be creative, anticipate problems and come up with win/win solutions leads to the results that our clients desire.

    Market Knowledge: We provide our tenant’s with insight into those terms that are achievable in the market and the information they need to situate their offices in optimum locations for attracting both clients and staff. In addition to understanding the region from a tenant’s perspective, we also have the knowledge and resources to understand current market lease rates, charges and tenant concessions.

    Examples lease transactions:

    - Lease disposal on behalf of a major company in Lausanne,

    - Rented a 2000 m2 commercial premises in West Lausanne / near highways.